how to clean climbing shoes

How To Clean Climbing Shoes: The Perfect Guide

It is essential to take good care of your climbing shoes before, between and after using it to ensure your shoes will last a long time and will not wear out in just a couple of months.Some climbers have their own techniques as to how they clean their shoes. However, for newbies, and for those […]

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how tight should climbing shoes be

How Tight Should Climbing Shoes Be

Choosing the right climbing shoes is very important. This is because it will determine as to how convenient, how safe, and how fast you can complete your sporting activities.And when you are able to find the perfect climbing shoes, the next thing that you might ask is, “How tight should climbing shoes be?”Well, if you […]

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a quick guide to breaking in climbing shoes

A Quick Guide To Breaking In Climbing Shoes

Having a new pair of climbing shoes would add up to your excitement as you plan out your adventure. However, to make sure that you will enjoy and will not face any problem when you start climbing, you have to break in your shoes before anything else!“Breaking In” is very much important because it will […]

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